Nande Korpnik - Biography

Nande Korpnik was born on 10th May 1962 in Slovenj Gradec. He finished elementary school and high school in the hometown Velenje.

In 1989 he graduates at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana and returnes to Velenje. With 1990 he starts as a freelancer, and registers his bureau in Celje in 1995.

In his first years of his private practice he also intensly deals with modern architectural heritage of Velenje, organizes architectural theory lectures and writes architectural columns in the local newspaper Our Time( 1990-1995). He acts for the purpose of rehabilitation of postwar modern architecture and correct assessment of Slovenian authors and pioneers of modern Slovenian architecture in Velenje.

Up to now he receives the two highest architectural awards in Slovenia (Valvazor recognition of ancient design exhibition in 1995 and the famous prize for a family house Acman in Griže, close to Žalec). He is a nominee in the national selection for the International Prize Mies van der Rohe (in 1998 Exhibition sales for Integra showroom in Maribor, in 2000 for a family house Acman and administrative facility Menerga in Maribor in 2002).

Nande Korpnik is in his architectural practice all the time recorded with journalistic contributions in national and international journals and internet portals, and takes part in thematic expert meetings, as invited guest. His architectural work is exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 2007, he also works as a lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor.

He lives and works in Celje.